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Flying lessons achievements


Below is a selection of our clients and their personal achievements learning to fly:


19/01/16Wesley ClarkFirst solo
20/01/16Renate Madocks-BornFirst Solo landaway
08/12/14Hasit SavaniQualifying Cross Country
17/02/15Andrew SampsonFirst Solo nav
20/02/15Abdulrahman AlmullaFirst Solo nav
26/05/15Andrew SampsonPassed his PPL skills test
27/05/15Alan BellFirst Solo nav
03/06/15Talal EbrahimFirst Solo
03/06/15Mohammed AlaneziFirst Solo
16/06/15Mohammed AlaneziFirst Solo
17/06/15Ali OthmanFirst Solo
25/06/15Abdulrahman AlmaraghiFirst Solo nav
09/07/15Alan BellQualifying Cross Country
10/07/15Abdulrahman AlmaraghiQualifying Cross Country
10/07/15Gary McquinnQualifying Cross Country
23/07/15MickPassed his PPL skills test
30/7/15Alan BellPassed his PPL skills test
04/08/15John WilliamsFirst Solo nav
06/08/15Mohammed AleniziFirst Solo nav
17/08/15Renate Madocks-BornFirst Solo
17/08/15Adam Abraham First Solo
17/08/15Miklos Parrag First Solo
18/08/15Ebrahim AlawdhiFirst Solo
27/08/15Talal Ebrahim First Solo nav
28/08/15Mohammed Alenizi Passed his PPL skills test
28/08/15Ebrahim Alawadhi First Solo nav
29/08/15Talal Ebrahim First Solo nav
03/09/15Talal Ebrahim Qualifying Cross Country
07/09/15Ebrahim Alawadhi Qualifying Cross Country
11/09/15Ebrahim Alawadhi Passed his PPL skills test
25/09/15Khaled Bouqrais First Solo
08/10/15Ali Othman First Solo nav
13/10/15Alex Buckley First Solo nav
25/11/15Dawood Bin Salama First Solo nav
18/12/15Renate Madocks-BornFirst Solo nav
10/12/15Alex Buckley First Solo landaway
02/04/14James BennettFirst Solo
29/04/14Keith LaufferFirst Solo
29/05/14Keith LaufferQualifying Cross Country
30/05/14Ollie HopeFirst Solo
06/06/14Keith LaufferPassed his PPL skills test
15/06/14Wayne GrayFirst Solo
25/06/14Andrew SampsonFirst Solo
02/07/14Kevin GidneyFirst Solo
07/07/14Adblurahman AlmullaFirst Solo
16/07/14Nick PrettejohnFirst Solo
17/07/14Gary McQuinnFirst Solo
02/09/14James BennettFirst Solo nav
08/09/14Yanto EvansFirst Solo
12/09/14James BennetQualifying Cross Country
29/09/14James BennetPassed his PPL skills test
01/10/14Nick PrettejohnFirst Solo nav
22/10/14Nick PrettejohnQualifying Cross Country
28/10/14Nick PrettejohnPassed his PPL skills test
14/11/14Hasit SavaniFirst Solo nav
06/12/14Jason BrayQualifying Cross Country
12/12/14Yanto EvansFirst Solo nav
15/12/14Gary McQuinnFirst Solo nav
02/02/15Yanto EvansQualifying Cross Country
06/12/14Jason BrayPassed his PPL skills test
02/12/13Santhosh SritharanFirst Solo
02/12/13Hasit Savani First Solo
03/12/13Alan BellFirst Solo