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Flying lessons achievements


Below is a selection of our clients and their personal achievements learning to fly:


19/01/16Wesley ClarkFirst solo
20/01/16Renate Madocks-BornFirst Solo landaway
08/12/14Hasit SavaniQualifying Cross Country
17/02/15Andrew SampsonFirst Solo nav
20/02/15Abdulrahman AlmullaFirst Solo nav
26/05/15Andrew SampsonPassed his PPL skills test
27/05/15Alan BellFirst Solo nav
03/06/15Talal EbrahimFirst Solo
03/06/15Mohammed AlaneziFirst Solo
16/06/15Mohammed AlaneziFirst Solo
17/06/15Ali OthmanFirst Solo
25/06/15Abdulrahman AlmaraghiFirst Solo nav
09/07/15Alan BellQualifying Cross Country
10/07/15Abdulrahman AlmaraghiQualifying Cross Country
10/07/15Gary McquinnQualifying Cross Country
23/07/15MickPassed his PPL skills test
30/7/15Alan BellPassed his PPL skills test
04/08/15John WilliamsFirst Solo nav
06/08/15Mohammed AleniziFirst Solo nav
17/08/15Renate Madocks-BornFirst Solo
17/08/15Adam AbrahamFirst Solo
17/08/15Miklos ParragFirst Solo
18/08/15Ebrahim AlawdhiFirst Solo
27/08/15Talal EbrahimFirst Solo nav
28/08/15Mohammed AleniziPassed his PPL skills test
28/08/15Ebrahim AlawadhiFirst Solo nav
29/08/15Talal EbrahimFirst Solo nav
03/09/15Talal EbrahimQualifying Cross Country
07/09/15Ebrahim AlawadhiQualifying Cross Country
11/09/15Ebrahim AlawadhiPassed his PPL skills test
25/09/15Khaled BouqraisFirst Solo
08/10/15Ali OthmanFirst Solo nav
13/10/15Alex BuckleyFirst Solo nav
25/11/15Dawood Bin SalamaFirst Solo nav
18/12/15Renate Madocks-BornFirst Solo nav
10/12/15Alex BuckleyFirst Solo landaway
02/04/14James BennettFirst Solo
29/04/14Keith LaufferFirst Solo
29/05/14Keith LaufferQualifying Cross Country
30/05/14Ollie HopeFirst Solo
06/06/14Keith LaufferPassed his PPL skills test
15/06/14Wayne GrayFirst Solo
25/06/14Andrew SampsonFirst Solo
02/07/14Kevin GidneyFirst Solo
07/07/14Adblurahman AlmullaFirst Solo
16/07/14Nick PrettejohnFirst Solo
17/07/14Gary McQuinnFirst Solo
02/09/14James BennettFirst Solo nav
08/09/14Yanto EvansFirst Solo
12/09/14James BennetQualifying Cross Country
29/09/14James BennetPassed his PPL skills test
01/10/14Nick PrettejohnFirst Solo nav
22/10/14Nick PrettejohnQualifying Cross Country
28/10/14Nick PrettejohnPassed his PPL skills test
14/11/14Hasit SavaniFirst Solo nav
06/12/14Jason BrayQualifying Cross Country
12/12/14Yanto EvansFirst Solo nav
15/12/14Gary McQuinnFirst Solo nav
02/02/15Yanto EvansQualifying Cross Country
06/12/14Jason BrayPassed his PPL skills test
02/12/13Santhosh SritharanFirst Solo
02/12/13Hasit SavaniFirst Solo
03/12/13Alan BellFirst Solo
We're grounded

To all of our students past, present and future.
It is with a heavy heart that Go Fly Oxford must pause all lessons and aircraft hire for at least the next three weeks.
The office will now close.

However, we are available to answer your queries by email and by phone. We will still be taking bookings for future lessons.
Our very best wishes to you and your families during this time.

We look forward to flying you in the near future.

From all of us here, Mosaab, Sharlene, John , Kevin and Brian.