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Go Fly Oxford – Our Students

Welcoming students from every walk of life

At Go Fly Oxford we care passionately about our students and we are always looking to make their experience as exciting and as rewarding as possible Our friendly team are experienced in working with students from all backgrounds. Whether you are still at school and preparing for GCSE exams, or a senior citizen taking advantage of an increased amount of free time and wanting to take up a new activity. Our instructors thrive on getting students through their course.

Through our international links we are also familiar with overseas students. Training future pilots for whom English is not their first language can add its own set of obstacles. At Go Fly we we can provide you with English learning support as and where necessary.

Every person is an individual and there is no such thing as a typical student or an ideal background. We welcome students from all walks of life and treat every client individually.

First class flying school for first class results

Providing training materials backed up with a first class ground school, we ensure all students will achieve more than the minimum required standard in any exams they take. That’s because we care…we care about our aircraft, we care about our service, we care about sharing our love of flying and most importantly, we care about you!

All flight training is preceded by a comprehensive briefing and followed up with a thorough debrief. Formal, documented training records are maintained, the content of which is agreed between the instructor and student.

Student achievements

Read some of our students’ personal achievements learning to fly