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Cuatro Vientos, Madrid

Cuatro Vientos, Madrid – Spain


Private Pilot Licence

  £8400 package  include the following

  • 45 hours of flight training
  • All books and materials
  • All theoritical knowledge examinations
  • All home landings
  • One year school membership


Cuatro Vientos offers Go Fly Oxford a good weather location which enables us to offer intensive courses for PPL’s and Hours Building opportunities throughout the year. We will have Piper PA28 aircraft based in Cuatro Vientos which is the perfect aircraft to start your flying adventure or to do some hours building over central Spain, with room for friends in the back too!

Cuatro Vientos is conveniently located near to Madrid. It is set in a central location, but is a short flight from the Serrania de Cuenca National Park, offering beautiful areas for you to fly around.


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