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Multi engine instrument rating

UK CAA Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME- IR) Course

The multi engine instrument rating course teaches student pilots to fly in more challenging weather conditions and in controlled airspaces such as air ways. Our IR courses are structured and delivered by some of the most experienced pilots in the industry to give you the full preparation required by todays airlines.

The course includes 45* hours of training:

  • 25 hours on our state of the art FNPTII Alsim flight simulator.
  • 20 hours on a Multi Engine aeroplane.

*45 hours for CPL holders

Pre- Entry Requirements

  • Hold a valid UK CAA Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) or Private Pilot Licence (PPL).
  • Have successfully passed all the ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations.
  • Valid Night Rating.
  • EASA class 1 or 2 medical certificate.
  • Have completed 6 hours of flight training in a multi Engine Piston aircraft.
  • Have completed at least 50 hours of cross-county flight time as P1 and total of 70 hours logged as P1.

What’s included

  • 20 hours in the multi engine aircraft and 25 hours on the FNPTII flight simulator.
  • Charts and plates
  • VAT

*Flight test is not included



All In One Saver Package £18,995

For 45 hours (25 hours in the simulator and 20 in the PA34). Includes materials and instrument approaches

Instalment Package 4 payments of £4,995

Each instalment is 11.25 hours. Includes materials and instrument approaches

Pay As You Go £790 per flying hour / £250 simulator