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ATPL courses in Oxford and London

ATPL(A) Distance Learning Program

Earn your wings with Go Fly – ATPL Courses to take you higher

Go Fly Oxford’s comprehensive ATPL course is designed to satisfy the high standards required by airlines and to enable you to pass the CAA/ EASA ATPL exams. Our distance learning program is based upon the best available online ATPL platform, called ITS learning. This platform has been developed by Nordian Aviation Training Systems, in association with KLM and is implemented at Go Fly Oxford by our highly experienced team of ATPL instructors. The program also includes a series of well structured, fast paced, basic class room revision sessions, designed to prepare you for the CAA exams.

ATPL Course Modules

We have structured the course into 3 modules, which allows you to focus on one module at a time.

Each module includes a set of relevant subject study materials and full access to our online platform, which includes the E-books for your convenience, online video demonstrations, direct communication with your instructors and other students on the program, and step by step testing to identify and correct any misunderstandings and to allow us to monitor your progress.


ATPL courses London & Oxford

Maths and Physics refresher course

To ensure that you are ready to start the course, we have designed a basic maths and physics module as some of the materials will require a basic understanding of these subjects; however, there will be no test and the course is conducted as part of the CBT program.

Classroom consolidation

The objective of the classroom revision is to highlight and correct any misunderstandings or confusion and to fine tune your knowledge in preparation for the CAA exams.

With our highly experience ATPL instructors, our constantly maintained student records and the detailed analysis of your progress throughout the course, provided by our online systems, the revision phase can be tailored more accurately towards your individual strengths and weaknesses.

We have designed two alternative programs of classroom consolidation and you have the choice as to which one you would like to enrol on-

The Basic course comprises a total of 3 weeks*: one week’s classroom consolidation per phase. The course is very intense and very exam orientated, aiming to build upon and expand your existing knowledge, and highlight weak areas.

The Intensive course comprises a total of 9 weeks*: three week’s classroom consolidation per phase. The aim of the intensive course is to provide comprehensive and detailed revision for those who feel they would benefit from more revision and tuition. The first two weeks of each phase is used to revise the syllabus and address common weaknesses and the last week, as in the Basic course, is very exam orientated, to help you understand what will be involved and to prepare.

* A week is Monday to Friday 6 hours per day.

ATPL Distance Learning Course Fees

The Basic Course 3 weeks – £1970
Phase (A) One Week – £1270
Phase (B) One Week – £350
Phase (C) One Week – £350

The Intensive Course 9 weeks – £3900
Phase (A) Three Weeks – £1500
Phase (B) Three Weeks – £1200
Phase (C) Three Weeks – £1200

There is a 10% discount for full upfront payment, bringing the total to £3510

*There is a 10% discount off your CPL & IR when you enroll on the intensive course.

*Non EU students

The Basic Course – £2800
The Intensive Course – £5050


What’s included?

  • ATPL hard copy and E-books
  • Interactive online platform to include step by step testing and mock final exam
  • Classroom and online tuition from our highly experienced ATPL instructors
  • Maths and Physics module
  • 12 months online access to our up to date question bank
  • Revision materials

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