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Modular training program

The Modular training route gives you the flexibility of doing individual courses at your convenience to work towards the full commercial pilot license. Below are the breakdown of the individual courses you will need to complete to reach your final goal whether that is a private pilot’s license or going further and completing the commercial pilot training.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

45 Hours flight training & 9 multiple choice Theoretical Knowledge Subjects


Night Rating

5 Hours night flight training


Hour Building

100 Hours structured solo flight experience


Distance Learning (ATPL)

14 Theoretical knowledge Subjects divided into 3 phases


Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

25 Hours flight training


Multi Engine Piston Rating (MEP)

6 Hours flight training on a multi-engine aeroplane


Instrument Rating (IR)

45 Hours Training, 20 hours on a multi-engine airplane and 25 hours on state of the art Alsim flight simulator.


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