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Air experience flights over Oxfordshire or London, Kent & Essex

Let our trained pilots take you high above the Oxfordshire countryside to enjoy the scenic views.
Alternatively feel that accelerating thrill in the skies above London & Kent, from our new base at Lydd airport.

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Learn to fly with Go Fly Oxford

Go Fly Oxford is a flight school conveniently located on the borders of Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire and only an hour away from London and Birmingham.

At Go Fly Oxford we are driven by our passion for flying and we are keen to share our passion and experience with those who are looking to learn to fly across the Midlands and London. We offer a range of flying lessons whether you are looking for a new career as a pilot or simply looking for a new challenge.

High quality training for private and commercial pilots

Our flying schools are based at Lydd Airport in Kent and Hinton Airfield on the border of Oxfordshire. We welcome budding pilots from across the Midlands and London who want to learn to fly a plane and experience the unique high of soaring above the clouds. We offer private pilot licence courses and commercial pilot courses which promise to teach you all you need to know in order to earn your wings and command your own aeroplane. Go Fly also provide advance ATPL courses using the most advance training techniques and the best online ATPL learning platform called ITS Learning. Our comprehensive ATPL course is designed to satisfy the high standards required by airlines and to enable you to pass the CAA/ EASA ATPL exams to gain the highest level of aircraft pilot licence.

Flying lessons in London from experienced professionals

Our flying instructors here at Go Fly Oxford and Go Fly London have a real love for the air. They have years of experience as pilots and teachers and are able to turn even a complete novice into a skilled pilot. All of our flying lessons in London and the Midlands are tailored to suit your needs and will always be given at your pace. Our way of teaching you to fly a plane has an emphasis on personal attention so that you can get the most out of each and every flying lesson. So whether you have never flown a plane before and looking to accept the challenge or looking for advanced PPL, CPL or ATPL courses to advance your piloting skills; Go Fly Oxford is the perfect choice.

Flying lessons for every level

There is no better way to see our beautiful country than from the air. Whether you are gliding over the bustling city of London or Birmingham or gracefully soaring over the picturesque countryside; flying offers you a unique and glorious viewpoint from which to see the world. At Go Fly Oxford we offer flying experiences to those who have never flown a plane before but wish to experience the buzz for themselves. You can trust us when we say that once you have experienced flying for yourself, you will be coming back for more!

For more information on our flying experiences and our pilot training courses, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Go Fly pilot courses in London

ATPL (A) – Distance Learning Program

Go Fly Oxford’s comprehensive ATPL course is designed to satisfy the high standards required by airlines and to enable you to pass the CAA/ EASA ATPL exams. Our distance learning program is based upon the best available online ATPL platform, called ITS learning.

This platform has been developed by Nordian Aviation Training Systems, in association with KLM and is implemented at Go Fly Oxford by our highly experienced team of ATPL instructors.

ATPL Course Modules

We have structured the course into 3 modules, which allows you to focus on one module at a time.

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Go Fly Oxford’s new
Instrumental Rating flight simulator

Learn to fly with flying lessons and flight training in Oxfordshire & London/Kent

Extensive range of flying courses and experiences

We provide a wide range of products from a simple gift or air experience for aviation enthusiasts, to training for the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence right through to our advances courses.

With the emphases on personal attention and well-tailored courses to suit individual needs, we are suited to train people of all levels.

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